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Installation Pricing

Our price list is attached below. The Prices below are provided  you have your own decorations and lights.  

Houses/Buildings ($200 Minimum)

C6/C9 LED Lights *Cost is per strand*Oct 1 – Oct 31st (Early Bird)Nov 1st – Dec 17 (Regular)Dec 18 – Dec 24 (Last Minute)
1st Story$15$20$25
2nd Story$20$25$30
3rd Story & Higher$25$30$35


  • These costs are based on 24ft C6 lights clipped every foot
  • Based on 16.5ft C8 lights clipping every individual bulb.
  • (See below for additional costs)


Trees ($200 Minimum)

C6 LED Lights *Cost is per strand*Oct 1 – Oct 31st (Early Bird)Nov 1st – Dec 17 (Regular)Dec 18 – Dec 24 (Last Minute)
Under 20ft$10$15$20
Over 20ft$20$25$30
Trunk Wraps$15$20$25


  • These costs are based on 24ft C6 lights with a 1ft gap between each row
  • (See below for additional costs)


Icicles ($200 Minimum)

Icicle LED Lights *Cost is per strand*Oct 1 – Oct 31st (Early Bird)Nov 1st – Dec 17 (Regular)Dec 18 – Dec 24 (Last Minute)
1st Story$15$15$15
2nd Story$20$20$20
3rd Story & Higher$30$30$30
  • These costs are based on 7ft Icicle lights
  • (See below for additional costs)

Additional Costs

  • Clipping every C6 bulb instead of every ft. add $20 per strand
  • Double wrapping on houses/buildings $35 per strand
  • Double wrapping Trees add $10 per strand
  • Bucket truck use will be additional and depends on availability
  • Spools of lights will be charged $1.90 per ft. as it takes much more work to make them look the same quality.


Travel Charge

(Okotoks NO FEE)

  • A $30 travel charge MAY apply outside city limits. I will wave the charge if I have more then 1 house to do that day in the area so talk to your neighbors to make it cheaper. This includes but isn’t limited to such places as High River, Black Diamond, Airdrie, Cochrane, Priddis, Bragg Creek Etc
  • $60 travel charge for Canmore/Banff/Red Deer or further

(If you live in an area not listed above please enquire for cost of travel)  

Take Down Cost

  • Removal will be %35 of what it cost to install with a minimum $70
  • Travel charges apply for take down
  • $8 per strand if lights were not installed by our team (Possible additional costs may apply)
  • High points and tricky areas may need additional time to remove safely which will result in additional fees
  • Take down period is January and February (additional charges for any later)


Fixing Christmas Lights

(some people choose to leave them on all year)

  • Prices depend on how well they stayed on over the year
  • $200 minimum



Extension Cords (I am a certified electrician and will build to the length required)

  • $18.50 for Male and Female cord ends
  • 70¢ per ft. – SJOOW 14/3 Cable used

(CHEAPER, safer, more durable and better quality than a normal store bought cord)


Clips – $12 per 100 clip pack

Timers – $30-40

Storage Bins – $10+ depends on size (We will label for you)







We Have Much Much More!!!

(Any other extras you would like just add into your email enquiry)


Looking to purchase new lights so that you can use them year after year?

Cost per strand can range from $25 for regular and all the way up to $60+

The more expensive strings are specialty lighting which can make a house stand out from the rest!!! “Blinkers, Chasing lights, Lights that dance to music” etc…


Contact me with a detailed description of what you are looking for and I will be sure to get back to you with a FREE quote ASAP.